Additional Programmes
Mandarin Intensive Programme
Duration: 30 minutes per lesson, per day.

Teacher Introduction
We are delighted to offer to our pupils the opportunity to study Mandarin. The children will be taught listening and speaking skills in Mandarin each day by our experienced Chinese teacher.

The classes will be in small groups and will be held every day for 30 minutes. Your child will have the opportunity to join the class during his or her 'free play' periods or after School.

The Teacher will introduce a new theme to the children every Monday which she will concentrate on for the whole week. Examples of themes include: People, Animals and Colours. The children will learn words related to each theme through fun activities such as playing games, singing, dancing, arts & crafts activities and story-telling.

Class example in four simple steps:
  1. Warm up by music or games (the pupils will sing and dance to Chinese songs or play fun games to music)
  2. Review cards and books (the pupils will play a reviewing game to remember the words learned the previous day)
  3. Learning by the prepared tools (the pupils will learn by using various tools, such as Chinese stories, cards, songs and crafts)
  4. Summary of the class by discussion or activities
The Teacher will write in the communication book to note what the pupils have learned for the parent's information.

Once a child is comfortable with listening and reading skills and ready to progress further, the teacher will begin to teach him/her Mandarin Chinese characters.