Additional Programmes
Early Learning Support Programme
Kids' Academy prides itself on the level of English spoken and the confident manner in which the pupils express themselves. To maintain this high standard of language proficiency there is an 'Early Learning Support Programme' that is organised in such a way that every child in the Kindergarten section of the school has access to the Early Learning Support Teacher. Pupils are taught in groups of no more than two to three, and when needed, one to one classes can be arranged. These small groups make it possible for the teacher to differentiate lessons according to the needs of each child. Classes will be timetabled carefully so that they do not interrupt any of the core class subjects, as well as ensuring the children do not lose valuable outdoor activity time.

There are two main areas that are focused on during the Early Years Support classes and the first is English conversation/communication. Each child that joins Kids' Academy starts with varying levels of English ability, with this in mind the Early Learning Support teacher plans lessons according to each child/groups needs so that everyone makes continual steady progress. During these classes, pupils learn new vocabulary that they can apply to their daily communications. They learn how to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions, as well as learn valuable skills that assist them in developing into confident English speakers. Pupils learn to talk in front of others about topics of interest, without the need of leading questions or prompts. Most importantly spoken fluency, sentence structure and clear pronunciation and articulation are continually developed.

The second focus area is the reinforcement of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme which is introduced at Kindergarten level. Children all learn and understand concepts taught, at different times with varying degrees of comprehension. Taking this in to consideration the Early Learning Support teacher reviews, assesses, clarifies and consolidates previously taught in-class 'Letters and Sounds' lessons. This is so every pupil has a clear understanding of introduced sounds and concepts. This combined with the continual support of pupils pencil control and overall text awareness development ensures that by the end of K2, pupils are able to read and write short phrases competently.