About Us
About Kids' Academy – A place to play and learn!
Children learn best in an environment that allows them to do their work - PLAY.

To children, play is the most important word in their vocabulary - for, as they play, they learn. Through planned, purposeful play children gather valuable information and develop critical skills that will support academic success.
Our environment is set up in a manner that gives these independent explorers the freedom to gather facts and information in a setting that is consistent, safe and engaging. Our school has only safe, age appropriate resources that
will keep children interested in their learning.
Our Philosphy
Kids' Academy is not all about play. Our qualified teachers have a specific aim to develop your child’s personal, social, emotional and physical skills, alongside their communication and language. Our play activities have therefore been designed to develop reading and pre-math skills, as well as build social skills and self-confidence in an enriching, trusting environment. Our teachers work with children to use stimulating play based learning experiences to build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world, challenge children's thinking/reasoning, and develop their love for learning.

In conclusion, our objectives are to
  • Recognize and celebrate that every child is unique and independent.
  • Encourage children to develop a base of loving and secure relationships
    with parents, teachers and peers.
  • Create an Enabling Environment that will challenge and extend
    childrens' development and learning, whilst giving them every
    opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Ignite a lifelong love of learning and curiosity.
Kids' Academy is a 'Boutique' style school. The size of the school gives us the opportunity to take an intimate, individual approach to our teaching. The British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed throughout the school and all of our classes and activities are 'tailor-made' to benefit each age group and stage of development.